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rudy perrone: Photos

This is the last concert Cathedral performed SGS and The Plight ...Greatneck Playhouse Theatre ...1978 !
Cathedral Live 1978/Greatneck Theatre/N.Y. ( L. Fred Callan-Bass, TopCtr Mercury Caronia-Drums. Ctr Floor Paul Seal-Vocals,Top Rt Tom Doncourt-Keyboards, Lower Rt Rudy Perrone-Guitar) Photo:Tom Kittel


THE GATHERING – 2013 ZMR Award :Best Contemporary Instrumental Album - 2013 ZMR Award: Album of the Year - 22 Artists Collection
"Guitar in the Kitchen" CD 2001' 13 pieces for solo guitar
INDUSTRY Capitol EMI Records 1984 Produced by Rhett Davies Mixed by Bob Clearmountain  Mgmt.- Ric Aliberte - video "State of the Nation" TV Italy 1984 ( )  New York video on USS Intrepid (
"Oceans of Art" LP 1981 - "Classical/Baroque/Folk Fusion that's heavily Spiritual" Bill McIlvane / Good Times Magazine 1981
Cathedral "Stained Glass Stories LP 1978/Delta "Gripping Debut LP...Anglo-Experimentalism in the grand tradition:crisp,crunching bass lines,intergalactically inventive keyboard textures,omni-stylistic guitar virtuosity, highly complex Drumming"/Kurt Loder
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